Galaxy Voyage – Access to the World

Galaxy Travel is defined as your travel advisor and designer specialist in tailor-made and personalized travel for individuals and groups in Morocco and around the world.

Our Team

Always attentive to your expectations, our team will be able to use its creativity and its know-how to select the best elements of a successful journey, and translate, into reality, your desires to travel at the best conditions of price and quality.

You want to adapt the stages of your trip, add excursions of your choice, wish to meet the local population, go to typical and unusual places, enjoy your trip to learn local know-how, or participate in an exchange and exchange solidarity.

You have the choice to adapt one of the programs offered on our website or opt for a hand-stitched trip. Our advisors will be able to create with you a trip according to your profile traveler, your desires, your interests and the possibilities offered by the destination.

Our corporate charter:

Rigor, Personalized Service and Compliance.

A rigorous selection of the best services with value for money in order to build you a unique and authentic travel experience.

Availability, listening and proximity. Personalized service before, during and after your trip.

Credibility, reliability and compliance. Our goal is to serve you in the best terms and conditions.

Our Vision:

Inventing tools so that each traveler can experience their own experience and make a trip to their own image.

Create products that are also tools to connect communities to facilitate the creation of a set of positive values for a better society.

Always innovate to participate in the evolution of our profession of agent and advised to travel and to live up to the expectations of the travelers.

Participate in the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism, respectful of cultural realities; Social, economic and environmental aspects of host communities.

Participate in the promotion and enhancement of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the various tourist territories.